Above is Steve Swift with Annette in 2016

Left and Right:

The first one is from the Celebration Of ITC at the Elstee Studios in late 2018…

Simon Barlow

…and the second photo is the following day on the Sunday at the London Film Fair.

Here with Thomas Jones

Taken at House of Comedy Nov 2018 London

I had a great time chatting with Annette at a film convention in London last November.  She was ever so friendly and even laughed at one of my corny jokes !” Paul Nevett


Left and Right: With Paul Nevett

Above and Left: Matthew Adams and Annette at Elstree 17th November 2018

This is me with Annette at the ITC Celebration at Elstree last November; an interesting thing about that brown leather Ben Sherman jacket I was wearing was that when I bought it back in 2003 I didn’t really know what I wanted but when I saw this one I remembered how Mike Pratt wore two similar styled brown leather jackets in R.&H.D., one was a tan colour and the other was somewhat darker, something similar to this I suppose unless Annette can correct me. It was a look that seemed to suit him so my mind was made up. I never guessed that fifteen years later I would actually get the chance to get to meet Annette in the flesh, so when I left home that day to head south I had no difficulty deciding what to wear.When I asked Annette for a selfie with her, she initially said no because she didn’t think selfies ever looked right but she would happily pose if someone else took the picture with my iPhone. Well, I think her experience of posing for great pictures certainly paid off because she was absolutely right.” Matthew Adams

“Taken at the Museum of comedy 2018, a pleasure to meet the ever youthful Annette.” David Michael

Annette with Geoff Lake at Portmeirion in October 2017

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