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London Museum of Comedy: 3rd November 2018, Celebration of ITC: 17th November 2018 and the London Film Fair: 18th November 2018

Hello Everyone!

I’m pleased to report that the show at the London Comedy Museum went really well,  and I enjoyed it very much – particularly as I got a good lot of laughs. The audience seemed to love it & were very responsive.
I was also delighted to hear how much the fans have liked my new book, as I got some wonderful comments from people who had already read it.  So all in all a successful evening.
Annette at the Comedy Museum →
The Celebration of ITC event at Elstree Studios  was another successful evening.  The tickets were sold-out, and everyone – guests and audience – had a truly good time.  I was thrilled to be a guest and the list, which included Ian Olgivie, Madeline Smith, Jenny Hanley, Shane Rimmer, stunt co-ordinator Paul Weston and director, John Hough. With Rick Davy hosting the interviews absolutely brilliantly.  
All profits went to charity. 

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I was interviewed for several magazines at the London Film Fair, so do look out for those. Not to worry if you do happen to miss them, as we’ll get them scanned and uploaded onto the Website as soon as we’re able. 

Please see below for my upcoming appearance at MCM Comic Con in Birmingham this coming weekend.  
Hope to see you there!

Annette will be making a guest appearance at MCM Comic Con at the Birmingham NEC over the weekend of 24th-25th November, 2018.

Please click on the above icon for detail on how to obtain tickets.


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  1. Annette if your ever in England soon, we love to do interview on basildon hospital radio, we are the second most listen hospital radio station in the South east out of 27 stations, i am reading the your book,very good read


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