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I’ve Got A Date With The Eternal Village.

I’m twice blessed on September 9th, 2018!

I’ll be appearing at the annual “The Eternal Village” celebration of “The Prisoner”——- and I’ll be officially launching the publication of my memoir, “Where Have I Been All My Life?” that day at the Seattle, Washington event.

Guest – starring with me will be two dedicated and knowledgeable “Prisoner” fans, Rick Davy, author of essential guides to the series, and Publisher of Quoit Media and Prof. Valarie Ziegler, who will examine the series as not only unique entertainment but an exploration of the individual’s role in modern society. We’ll all be doing Q and A’s.

“TheEternal Village” is the brain– child of Karl Frunz, a Renaissance-man who has successfully combined his love of the Golden Age of TV and radio dramas, with the corporate and academic worlds.

As a special offer for those who attend the event, Karl is offering my book at a one – time discount of 25% off the list price for all pre-orders, and a 20% discount for books purchased at the event. All books will be personally inscribed and autographed by me.

If you can attend “The Eternal Village” day– long event, I urge you to book now on the “Village’s” website, as the popularity of the celebration makes it a “must” event.

I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

Be well, and as always, please be kind to the animals.



Please follow this link for more information on the above event, and to book tickets:


Rick Davy is one of the World’s most respected and best-known historians of ‘The Prisoner’. For 15 years he has run The Unmutual Website, the World’s largest website regarding the classic Patrick McGoohan series, and is author of the book ‘The Prisoner  – The Essential Guide’. Rick also wrote the 17 episodes’ text commentaries for the 50th anniversary official BluRay set, as well as writing about the series for organisations such as Titan Comics, and Infinity Magazine. As well as his own book, Rick contributed to works such as ‘George Markstein and The Prisoner’ and ‘It Means What It Says’, and has proofread or advised on countless others. In 2018 Rick organised and presented the ‘Fifty Years of The Prisoner’ and ‘Not a Number’ Elstree celebration events at Elstree Studios.


 To give individuals who appreciate the ideas and artistry of, The Prisoner, opportunities to celebrate those who contributed to the creation of the iconic program, and those who have added to the canon through their artistic or intellectual endeavours.





Actor, Painter, Broadcaster and Animal Activist

. . .Annette Andre is a highly talented performer and a deeply spiritual crusader for causes that improve the treatment of animals domestic and in the wild.

In the most vibrant decades of global entertainment, Annette contributed performances to genre defining programs, acclaimed films and cherished theater classics. Along that continuum, Annette

delivered a riveting performance as the Watchmaker’s daughter in the Prisoner episode, “It’s Your Funeral” – a role and a career we’ll applaud and examine when Annette joins us in

The Eternal Village 2018.

In the interim . . .

Explore more about Annette’s career at her website ( 

In the interim . . .

Follow Annette on Facebook


and Twitter



Annette’s enthralling and entertaining new memoir:

“Where Have I Been All My Life”

is being offered at an amazing pre-order discount of 25%, and, a very special 20% savings for editions purchased at

The Eternal Village event. All editions will be personally inscribed & autographed.

Click here for full details



 Author, Entrepreneur and Oracle . . .

Rick Davy is the cardinal center-point on the world map of Prisoner fandom.

As the Manager/Curator of

The Unmutual

( website, Rick has dedicated over a decade of his life to keeping Prisoner (and Portmeirion) fans informed and engaged with every manner of news regarding our cherished program, the lives and pursuits of the people who created the television masterpiece, and, the multitude of ways that fans have embraced and expanded the canon of No. 6 and his Village endeavors.

Rick will bring to The Eternal Village his personal insights about The Prisoner, conversation about the books he’s written and published, plus . . . he will be sharing a few rarities (i.e. images, facts and footage) from The Unmutual’s most secret vaults.



Valarie -Professor of Religious Studies at DePauw ( University, Greencastle, IN

will share her enlightened examination of how The Prisoner, in particular the episode, “Free For All“, grants many avenues and angles to examine this core human struggle of individualism within society.

Further, Valarie shall pose a thought provoking discussion as to whether No. 6, and/or any of us, are actually, ever . . . . free!



1625 Broadway, Seattle, WA. 98122











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