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Listen to the phone interview that I did  on hospital radio in Basildon at the end of 2019. (Click on the icon below).

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Here’s is podcast called The Chillpak Hollywood Hour which I did recently in LA with Phil Lierness who hosted the live breakfast show I did there.  Hope you’ll enjoy it.

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“Letter From the Other Coast”

That’s the title of my monthly broadcast on Siren FM Radio.thumbnail_annettedesk

Radio was my first love as a young actress and what a training ground it was back in those “live” days, when every show you did was opening night and you were working without a net.

I was living in New York’s Hudson Valley, on the very top of a mountain, when I began writing and broadcasting “Letter from New York” in 2011.

I’d been a guest on Alex Lewczuk’s Siren FM’s Mid-Week Drive show that he hosted on the University of Lincolnshire campus and is now heard ‘round the world via podcast.

I so enjoyed being interviewed by Alex, a Renaissance man well versed in all things of interest to intelligent creatures, that I proposed a continuing liaison via a newsy and thought– provoking monthly ramble on any subject that caught my fantasy.

It’s been –- at least from my end -– a joy to have a bully pulpit to examine a wide range of subjects — from my local supermarket to Wanda, a black bear friend with whom I shared my mountain– top garden and several years of unforgettable companionship.

Alex’s show is a blast of fresh air in this increasingly digital pursuit of the trivial.



Alex Anthony-Lewczuk is the Programme leader for BA Public Relations at the University of Lincoln as well as the founder of Siren radio & Southside broadcasting.  A  Senior Lecturer in the School of English and Journalism at the University of Lincoln he is also the Producer/writer/presenter of `The Stone Tapes`, `The Midweek Drive`, `Past prologue` and `Sound and Country Vision` international podcasts.

His interest in radio developed during his time as an undergraduate at the University of London in the 1980`s where he graduated with degrees in Chemistry & Biology and an MA in Film & Television studies before helping to establish a range of broadcasting opportunities in Cambridge and the North East of England. Working motto `Have faith in the future and it will have faith in you.


Click on the radio below for Midweek Drive


Click on the radio below for Southside Broadcasting Podbean


My topic for Wednesday, 25th July’s talk on Siren FM Radio is ‘How to Fool Yourself Into Thinking You’re Happy’.
If the world seems to ben closing in on you, and life is becoming one large rabbit hole, I’m offering a sure-fire formula for chasing the blues.
To kick-start your path to a happier you, travel back with me to a time when jokes made you laugh.
To listen to a live broadcast, tune into: new-web-media-internet-buttons
Or to download the podcast: 


Click here for the Mutual Broadcast:



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