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I am thrilled with this new website, and all credit must go to Tina Wyngarde-Hopkins. The site’s interactive features will now bring us closer and allow for a give and take.

Not a day goes by when I don’t appreciate – years after I did the majority of my work in film and television – the attention of fans around the world who still think of the time in my career as Britain’s “Golden Age”.

For those of us before and behind the camera, it was a magical time of creativity in all areas, from fashion and music to film and TV that broke barriers.

I would never have believed these years on, audiences are still discovering the worth of those shows that celebrate the talent and effort that went into the making of them.

Truly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.



Spring is here, summer is coming so like the vaccine, it’s time for a booster & I’m offering a combination sale of my memoir “Where Have I Been All My Life?” and a free signed “Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased)” photo of your choice!

You can choose between two photos and whichever you want “Love, Annette André” or “Best Wishes, Annette André.” A dedication is not possible. Price of hardback & photo is £17.99 incl. postage (within the UK). Go to this link to order & select your choice of photo and select your location if outside the UK. http://www.quoitmedia.co.uk/annette2021.htm

In addition to the above sale, I’m also offering ‘a buy two and get one free’ sale from my extensive photo gallery, at: https://annetteandreofficial.wordpress.com Photos will be personally inscribed as you wish. I hope that you’ll take advantage of these offers, and as always, I wish you all good health and bountiful happiness in these stressful times.

Contact details are on the aforementioned page.

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