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I am thrilled with this new website, and all credit must go to Tina Wyngarde-Hopkins. The site’s interactive features will now bring us closer and allow for a give and take.

Not a day goes by when I don’t appreciate – years after I did the majority of my work in film and television – the attention of fans around the world who still think of the time in my career as Britain’s “Golden Age”.

For those of us before and behind the camera, it was a magical time of creativity in all areas, from fashion and music to film and TV that broke barriers.

I would never have believed these years on, audiences are still discovering the worth of those shows that celebrate the talent and effort that went into the making of them.

Truly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.


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I need your help to solve a mystery……..

Ever since my memoir, “Where Have I Been All My Life?” was published, I’ve waited for comments from readers about the two supernatural incidents I write about in detail that deeply affected me. The wait has been long and the silence deafening!

To this moment, there has not been a single response concerning my encounters with these extraordinary events — both of which, I give you my word, happened exactly as I’ve reported.

In the dozens of readers comments and reviewers’ critiques of the book, there’s not even a passing acknowledgment that I was the intended victim of a hand from the grave or that a poltergeist who took-up residence in my Battersea house, made her displeasure known by physically staining a set of nursery curtains as I was about to give birth to my daughter.


Tales of terror and the supernatural have always been best-sellers. Our appetite for the hair- raising and spine-tingling is as popular today as they were when gaslight first cast it’s shadows on our imagination.

I am truly puzzled by readers contacting me with comments and questions on almost every incident detailed in the book and leaving a black hole surrounding those two spectral happenings.

I truly would appreciate learning from readers why you think these unique events haven’t generated comments, whether you believe they happened to me or didn’t. It’s a mystery only you can solve, so please let me have your thought

I would like to start a conversation on the Forum on my website, here is the link: http://annettechat.freeforums.net/ Let’s have a go, it would be very interesting, and once a week I’ll be happy to join in o.

And as always, please remember to be kind to the animals.


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NEW! Now added to the PHOTO GALLERY, some nice shots from the ITC event at Elstree back in October. 

Following my appearance at the charity event for Actors of Dionysus on 14th November, 2019, I’ve now added a couple of new pictures to the PHOTO GALLERY. Hope you’ll enjoy them!

Details concerning the event can be found on the NEWS AND REVIEWS PAGE.

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